Welcome To Berlin


Pack your suitcase and get ready to visit Berlin, Germany! Explore this historical city and revel in a new culture. From parks, museums, and monuments to bars, cafés, and restaurants, you won’t want to miss out. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or staying for weeks, you’ll find yourself amazed at all that Berlin has to offer. With easy to use public transport, reaching your desired destination will be stress-free. Or be sure to lace up those shoes and get ready to walk or bike almost anywhere you like in the city. Gear up for an adventure, because with so much to do and see you’ll wonder why you hadn’t visited sooner.

No matter what route you take in Berlin, the city itself will not disappoint you. Let your inner traveller make the choices and explore the city and suburbs of Berlin. Go out and explore while you’re young and have tons of energy to submerge yourself in the culture and style of this city. You’ll be saying “Berlin, bitte” the next time you’re asked where you want to travel to.

For more information about the history of the city, getting around and survival tips, click here: Berlin, Bitte !

Note: selected examples of prices are given in most reviews, however the following guide has been used for general pricing in places with a more varied selection:

– cheap: many menu items are available for less than five euros

€€ – moderate: menu items are mostly at least five euros or more

€€€ – expensive: individual menu items often exceed 10 euros